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Page Updated October 23, 2017
Calendar of Events
The HSUS challenges USDA over mass removal of animal welfare records (2/6/17)
USDA blacks out animal welfare information (Science Magazine, 2/3/17)
Know how to prevent being fooled by internet animal rescue scams (8/18/16)
A President’s Best Friends Often Have Four Legs (9/30/16)
Dogs removed from Racine home (9/13/16)
Pet Store Chain Accused of Selling Unhealthy Puppy Mill Dogs Settles Lawsuit (9/12/16)
Bill To Force New Pet Stores To Sell Only Rescue Animals Passes N.J. Senate (7/1/16)
Chicago aldermen pass anti-puppy mill ordinance 49-1 (3/5/14)
48 Dogs Rescued in Pierce Co. Animal Cruelty Case (4/22/16)
ALERT: Wisconsin Humane Society Buys Havens Dogs, Equipment
6 Mar 08 Wood Co. Mill Bust
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Ellie Mae, a tiny Dalmatian rescued from a Dexter, WI "breeder"

This frightened little Dalmatian awaits her fate in a shelter after her rescue from a Dexter, WI, "breeder." She is one of 75 dogs who were kept, several to a kennel, in a 20' x 20' room in a barn. Her feet and tail are permanently stained from the urine and excrement she was forced to live in.

BUT THAT'S OK, the breeder told reporters; "I went into it more to give me a livelihood...I'm not ashamed of nothing I've done." (8 Mar 08: Wisconsin Rapids Tribune)



       Auction and pet store protests, mill busts, and other events have kept the fight against puppy mills in the media spotlight -- and Concerned citizens are starting to take action. We cannot keep up with all the breaking news, so we are creating this page just for posting links to keep you current on all that is happening.


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