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     27 June 2016 UPDATE: a court ruling has granted ownership of the 35 dogs and puppies seized on 22 April 2016, plus any puppies born after the seizure, to Pierce County. THe ruling also states that Stuart W. West, 68, of Elmwood, will have to pay an estimated $87,962 for housing the dogs at the Animal Humane Society facility in Golden Valley, Minn., plus $20 per day for the next month for every animal that isn't adopted or euthanized. Since being under the Humane Society's roof, 25 yellow Labrador puppies have been born. Three puppies have died and one adult female dog died. It is doubtful that Mr. West will have the money to reimburse the Humane Society.

     Mr. West will make a criminal court appearance on July 17 to face 117 animal-related criminal charges, inlcuding allegations of poor ventilation, improper housing and failure to provide food to the dogs.

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A puppy mill rescue golden lab like the ones recently rescued in Pierce Co, WI     22 April 2016: Thanks to a concerned citizen filing a complaint and the DATCP inspector in the region contacting the authorities, 35 adult dogs and 13 puppies have been saved from appalling conditions at what press releases are calling a puppy mill in Pierce County, WI.

     The Pierce County Sherriff's Department investigated the complaint, and, along with workers from the ASPCA, took action to rescue the golden retrievers. The owners of the property were arrested for mistreatment of animals, not providing proper food to confined animals and improper animal sheltering, and the dogs were taken to a nearby animal shelter for treatment and sheltering until until their custody is determined by the court.

     We at the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project are grateful to everyone involved in this rescue for seeing the suffering in their region and DOING something about it.

     If you see animals in distress, or being kept in conditions that don't seem "quite right," REPORT IT -- either to local law enforcement, or directly to the WI Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Click here for more information on filing a complaint with DATCP.

     We will try to keep you updated as this case progresses, letting you know what YOU can do when the case goes to court.

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