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7/18/2008: Wisconsin Humane Society Buys Puppy Haven Dogs and Breeding Equipment

Bentley was a "product" of Puppy Haven.

     More than 1100 dogs and puppies were spared continued misery in the largest puppy mill in Wisconsin by Wisconsin Humane Society's 2008 purchase of Puppy Haven Kennel.

     In a press conference on July 18, 2008, the WHS announced that it had purchased the assets of Puppy Haven Kennel in Greene Lake Co., WI. Former owner Wallace Havens said he wished to retire; he sold the dogs and the equipment used in his breeding operation but not the 20 acres of land the kennel occupied.

     The more than 1100 dogs included in the purchase will all be spayed and neutered before being released for adoption. Many of the dogs will also need extensive dental work and socialiazation before they can be placed in their new homes.

     Reportedly, the "equipment," including kennels and whelping pens, were demolished.

     Many are ambivalent about the purchase of a puppy mill by a humane organization. While very happy that over a thousand dogs were freed from a life of misery, some feared that a bad precedent was set and questioned what impact the influx of these dogs would have on funding for and adoption at shelters overburdened with owner surrenders due to the economy.

     One comment on the Wisconsin State Journal story also asked if there were any "specific language in this sale that prohibits this land from ever being used again for the breeding of dogs."

     Although we had some reservations about the manner in which Mr. Havens "retired," we were EXTREMELY happy for the hundreds of dogs that now had a chance at a life outside the walls and cages of Puppy Haven!

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