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Puppy Mill Awareness Day Protest, 2011; Wisconsin Citizens Against Puppy Mills

     Petstore protests are more important than ever since Wisconsin's new commercial dog breeder/ seller law went in to effect in June 2011. Don't make the mistake of thinking just because that puppy may have come from a licenced Wisconsin breeding facility that his parents have a good life.

     Petstores frequently buy dogs from brokers, who get them not only from WI breeders, but also from out-of-state sources. We suspect that as WI commercial breeders opt to go out of business rather than comply with the new laws, more and more out-of-state puppies will find their way into Wisconsin pet stores.

     You are MORE than welcome to join the protests listed below! Please click on the "contact" links for details. Remember, dress for the weather, as you will be outside, and bring a sign or a poster if you can. If you can't make one for some reason, don't let that stop you -- there may be extras on-site, and your just being there is VERY important!


Saturday, September 18, 2016
1 - 4 pm

2310 S. Green Bay Rd
Racine, WI 53406
(Regency Point Shopping Ctr)
For more information, please contact
or check the Wisconsin Citizens Against Puppy Mills Facebook page.

NOTE: If you have personally encountered any problems at this store (or with any other Wisconsin dog seller), please see our HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT page.

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