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Scratch's Scrapbook, page 5:  Scratch and Ophelia

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Scratch and her friend Ophelia, soon after Scratch arrived at her new home.

     "I had to rescue one of his Westies. I chose the runt as I was afraid of what he might do to her, and because she certainly could not fend for herself. . .Scratch was shaking in fear until we brought her home and showed her the freedom of the yard and house." She immediately loved her 8-year-old companion, Ophelia, the author's other Westie.

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     FINAL UPDATE: Mr. Schulz is out of the "dog business" forever. He died on June 28, 2022.

     15 May 2014 UPDATE: In 2011, Pretty Penny Kennels applied for and was granted a "temporary license" under WI Act 90. However, Mr. Schulz declined to upgrade his facilities to comply with the new regulations, so was denied a permanent license.

     Under the law, Mr. Schulz may still sell fewer than 25 dogs a year, from three litters. If you have reason to suspect that he is selling more dogs, or are concerned about the conditions in which his remaining dogs are being kept, please see our Filing a Complaint page for details on how to contact DATCP with your concerns!


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