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Thorp Dog Auction Scrapbook: Corey

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Cory the French Bulldog had cherry eye when purchased.

     Cory is a very lucky French Bulldog. This is Cory shortly after he was purchased at the Thorp Dog Auction. If his eye looks a little "funny," it's because he had a prolapsed third eyelid gland, more commonly known as "cherry eye."

     And, according to Cory, there wasn't anything funny about it. In fact, it was very uncomfortable and, because this gland produces nearly half of the tears in that eye, if left untreated, would have resulted in a condition known as "dry eye."

      It is also suspected to be hereditary.

     Cory has had the surgery to repair this problem, and is living happily and comfortably in his Forever Home.

     The Animal Eye Care website has more details on prolapsed third eyelid glands.

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