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Thorp Dog Auction Scrapbook: Jake

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Jake the poodle was also having a bad hair day on 10 March 07 when he was sold at the Thorp Dog Auction.

     Wouldn't you think that sellers would at least make an attempt to have their Quality Breeding Stock/Pets look presentable when they arrive for a sale? Jake, an apricot poodle, was a matted mess when he was purchased. He has since been groomed, and shelter staff say he's a real sweetheart! Here he is, trying to steal a kiss from his new friend.

     Jake is also chryptorchid, which means that at just a few days under one year old at time of sale, both of his testicles remained undescended. You can bet that he was NOT listed as a "proven breeder" in the Horst Auction Catalog! Not that it matters, as he will be neutered anyway.

     By the way, you can see Jake's seller, Alvin Martin, in Part Two of TMJ-4's I-Team report on puppymills. Click here to see the video.

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