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Thorp Dog Auction Scrapbook: Jimmy

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Jimmy, the second Thorp dog from Edna Mae Brubaker to be diagnosed both with entropian eyelids and brucellosis.

     Jimmy is a big, proud, boxer guy who likeds hugs. Just days before his first birthday, he was lucky enough to come into rescue as a result of the 10 March 07 Thorp Auction, and it looked like his life was going to change for the better.

     Surgery was done on his entropian eyelids (you'll remember that this is the very painful condition where the eyelids turn in, forcing the eyelashes to rub against the eyes every time they are opened or shut.) Being able to blink without pain just added to this wiggle-butt's joy!

     He even found some wonderful people to adopt him.

     Then, when he was retested for brucellosis (which his former kennelmate Max was infected with), he also was found to have the disease.

     Because brucellosis can be transmitted to humans, and a cure in male dogs is very rare, the State of Wisconsin recommended that he be put to sleep.

      Jimmy's People weighed the risk and the expense of treatment and periodic resesting -- and made the decision not to follow this recommendation. Not only has Jimmy had the opportunity to know joy, love, and family, but he will live a reasonable life expectancy.

      For more about canine brucellosis, please click here.

Please note: Jimmy was the SECOND dog purchased from Ms. Brubaker at the Thorp Auction to test positive for Brucellosis. If you have obtained a dog from this woman within the past year, PLEASE get that dog to a vet and have him/her tested ASAP!

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