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Thorp Dog Auction Scrapbook: Gail

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Gail the Bernese Mountain Dog was less than a year old when purchased at the September 2007 Thorp Dog Auction. She had entropian eyelids and severe hip displasia.

     Gail the Bernese Mountain Dog looked healthy and beautiful when she went on the block at the 22 September 2007 Thorp Dog Auction -- her coat was very shiny and soft. However, her red, swollen eyes told another story.

     Gail's purchaser was at the auction only to protest, with no intention of buying a dog. However, after seeing that Gail could hardly stand, and there was an Amish man bidding on the pup, the protester took a more active role and, in turn, bid against him. She "won" Gail for $135 -- likely saving this 9-month-old pup from a short, miserable life as a mill breeder. When it came time to take her home, the dog was so terrified that it took several people to get her into the van.

     Up close, Gail's new mom "could see the dog's eyelashes growing from the inside out. The front dew claws were also protruding and sore. I assume that they tried to remove them, and did a butcher job. At the vet, they took an x-ray of her hips and found that she had severe bilateral hip dysplasia.... When the time comes, she will need total hip replacement. .

     "We also had a difficult time breaking her of poop eating, or even getting her to eat/drink out of a bowl. She insisted on eating off of the floor for several months.

     "We are happy to report that she has turned into a confident, loving, nurturing dog. I must also say that she is quite the bed hog. It is so wonderful to finally see her act like a puppy."

     For more information on rehabilitating puppy mill survivors, please see: Puppy Mill Survivors: A Guide to Caring for Unsocialized Mill Dogs .

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