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WTJM-TV Investigative Reports on Puppy Mills


Today's TMJ-4 in Milwaukee

WTMJ-4, an NBC affiliate in Milwaukee, has been helping us try to expose the conditions at these direct seller "puppy farms" for many years. These conditions were first reported by Milwaukee's WTMJ-4 news anchor Mike Jacobs in a November 23, 1999 broadcast titled, "Inside a Puppy Farm", the transcript and video of which they have graciously allowed us to use on our website since its inception.

Recently, with their April multi-part exposé on Wisconsin puppy mills, they and their viewers have brought our cause to the attention of our legislators once again!

"I-Team: Puppy Mills" Part One (4/26/07)
Transcript   *   Video

"I-Team: Puppy Mills" Part Two, (4/27/07)
Transcript   *   Video

(Read more about the puppy purchased in this report:
"Going undercover at a puppy mill")

"Putting An End to Puppy MIlls" (4/30/07)
Feature   *   Video

"Town Hall Mtg on Puppy Mills" (5/15/07)
Feature   *   Video

"Bentley, the Puppy Mill Puppy" (6/13/07)
Feature   *    Video

John Mercure's radio interview with Charlie Sykes (4/27/07)
Audio file

And please check John Mercure's blog for updates on the story:

Rupert, the Puppymill Survivor (5/1/07)

Viewer Feedback (4/30/07)

China, Another Puppy Mill Survivor (5/8/07):

PLEASE email and THANK them for their continuing dedication to the cause of regulation of the commercial pet industry in Wisconsin!

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