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Thorp Dog Auction Scrapbook: Chip

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This big black dog is Chip the Golden Doodle.

     This sweet boy is Chip, and his breed was listed as "Golden Doodle," which is golden retriever/poodle mix. You'd expect a "golden doodle" to be -- well -- golden, wouldn't you? However, the "oodle" part of Chip's family tree was probably a black standard poodle.

     Chip and his brother Dale (next page) were sold with a LOT of problems. First of all, they were listed and sold as being 15 weeks old, when the purchaser's vet stated that they were at LEAST 2 YEARS old! You can tell just by looking at them that they were NOT 4-month-old puppies. Although, they both were severely malnourished, with Chip having a body score of 2, which is one step up from "emaciated to near death." This could have been a result of neglect -- or a deliberate attempt to make them look smaller and younger.

     Chip and Dale were also "imported" from out of state, but came with NO vet Certificate of Health, as required by law (please see DACTP Regs, Importing Animals into WI).

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