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2009 WI Act 90 / ATCP 16 Administrative Rules

Standards of Care: Transporting Dogs

Information from the "Plain Language Analysis" prepared by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP)

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Please note: The Standards of Care set forth in ATCP 16 apply only to those required to be licensed under Act 90 and NOT to pet or privately owned animals. (See Who Needs a License? for further information.)

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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Transporting Dogs: Portable Enclosures.

Some of the 300 dogs confiscated from Thyme and Sage Ranch. These are about to embark on the next step of their journey to their new homes.A portable enclosure used to transport one or more dogs (including any enclosure that is placed on, or forms part of, a transport vehicle) must meet all of the following requirements:

  • It must be constructed of water-resistant and cleanable material.

  • It must be designed to keep all dogs within the enclosure clean and dry.

  • It must be designed to protect the health and safety of all dogs in the enclosure.

  • It must have ventilation openings to ensure the comfort and health of all dogs in the enclosure.

  • It must be securely closed when in use.

  • It must be cleaned and sanitized between occupancy by different dogs, and more often as necessary to keep it in a clean condition.

  • When on a transport vehicle, it must be all of the following:

    • Positioned so that each dog in the enclosure has access to sufficient air for normal breathing.

    • Positioned so that the opening through which dogs enter and exit the enclosure is accessible at all times for emergency removal of dogs from the enclosure.

    • Positioned so that all dogs in the enclosure are protected from the elements.

    • Positioned or protected so that no dog in the enclosure is exposed to excreta falling from above.

    • Secured as necessary to prevent reasonably foreseeable movement that may injure dogs.




Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Transporting Dogs: Care of Dogs During Transport.

Dogs being loaded into a puppy miller's van after a dog auction.The following standards apply to dogs that are being transported::

  • Each dog must at all times be protected from hypothermia and hyperthermia. Transportation vehicles must be heated or cooled, if necessary, to prevent hypothermia or hyperthermia.

  • Each dog must have sufficient space to turn, stand, and lie down (this requirement does not apply to dogs that are transported for 5 miles or less as part of a dog trial).

  • Each dog must be provided with food and water, according to standards in this rule.

  • Dogs must be separated if incompatible (see grouping and separation standards above).

  • Each dog shall be visually inspected every 4 hours.

  • Each dog must be removed from the transport vehicle at least once every 12 hours, and be allowed to urinate, defecate and exercise, unless the vehicle is equipped to meet those needs.

  • Each dog must be removed from the transport vehicle in a timely fashion when the vehicle reaches its destination.




Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Transporting Dogs: Transport Vehicles.

The following standards apply to a transport vehicle that is used to transport dogs:

  • The vehicle must provide fresh or filtered air, without injurious drafts, to all dogs that are transported in the vehicle.

  • The dog cargo space must be constructed and maintained to minimize the ingress of exhaust from the vehicle’s engine.

Vans loading up with crates of dogs to be transferred to shelters throughout Wisconsin.


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