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Updated 30 July 2014
This dog will spend her entire life in this small, cramped cage.
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       Look at these pictures, please. You've seen them at the top of, and in the body of, every page on this site. All of them are real, the "mill" photos taken surreptitiously by courageous visitors to commercial breeders in our state and the "rescue dog" photos snapped by volunteers at animal rescue organizations. These photos illustrate more than words ever could why we believe that licensing and regulation of commercial pet breeding facilities are crucial.

       The "mill" pictured at the top of this page is up and running near Monroe county. The "breeding stock" never get out of their cages. The females never get a rest from being bred in every heat. The cages and sheds have no heat. This is just one of many such "operations" in Wisconsin. Until we have state-wide enforced regulations to control these kinds of "businesses"...animals will continue to be forced to live in horrific conditions our state of Wisconsin.

       Below are links to an "album" of full-size versions of nearly every photo on our site. Though some are not pleasant to look at, none of these photos is particularly graphic, as puppy mill photos go -- though many are disturbing for the organized, commercialized, and widely accepted, animal cruelty they depict.

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What Is A Puppy Mill?
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