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Joyce's Fund: Chica

Going to Madison to witness the Governor signing AB-250 into law was a dream come true for Joyce Kitsemble.

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Chica is one of the puppymill dogs who has been helped by donations to Joyce's Fund.

"People long to have a friend,/ Who's loyal, kind and true./ Who'll never lie and never cheat, /And never leave them blue. / Someone who'll always stand by them,/ Through all the good and bad./ Rejoice with them when things are good,/ Lend comfort when they're sad." -- excerpt from Good Friends Go to Heaven, by Joyce Kitsemble.

       Chica came to Clark County Humane Society from a local puppy mill, where she had lived all her life as a breeder dog. As is usual with puppy mill dogs, who don't get decent food, chew toys, or good veterinary care, Chica was hurting from severely infected gums and several rotted teeth. She seriously needed extensive dental work, but what this sweet little dog needed even more was her very own Person to love.

       Dee Dee came to Clark County Humane Society looking for a Good Friend. When she met Chica, it was love at first sight for both of them.

       The caring adoption professionals at Clark County Humane Society knew this was a perfect match. However, they also cautioned Dee Dee that the bill to extract Chica's rotted teeth and clean and de-scale the rest of them would be significant.

       Well -- that would be a problem, but Dee Dee was undaunted. Chica needed her, and Dee Dee was determined to find a way.

       Enter Joyce's Fund, established in memory of Joyce Kitsemble, a long-time supporter of efforts to help puppy mill dogs in Wisconsin. Thanks to donations in her name from compassionate people who will never meet the Good Friends they were instrumental in bringing together, Joyce's Fund was able to pay for all of Chica's dental work.

       Chica is thriving under Dee Dee's care, and Dee Dee's life has been immeasurably enriched by her new best friend. She promises that, as she can, she will repay Joyce's Fund so that other little dog like hers can get the help they need!

Dee Dee and her new best friend, Chica

Somewhere, we are sure, Joyce Kitsemble is smiling, too!

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