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AB-250/SB-208/ Wisconsin Act 90

S.173.41, Wis. Stats.
Dog Breeders and Sellers Law

Our 12-Year Battle for Regulation of Dog Breeders and Sellers


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DATCP: Dog Breeders & Sellers Law
Text of 2009 WISCONSIN ACT 90 (pdf)
ATCP 16 Administrative Rules Full Formal Language (pdf)
ATCP 16 Plain Language Factsheet (pdf)
2009 WI 90 Administrative Rules Process
State animal welfare manager oversees new dog sellers program (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/5/16)
Historical Overview of AB-250 / SB-208/ Act 90/ S.173.41

07/08 proposed legislation: SB-308 / AB-567, "Wisconsin Dog Purchaser Protection Act"
Wisconsin Pet Facilities Law website: WPMP's long battle for tougher laws (failed)
Contacting Your WI Legislators
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Gov. Doyle signs AB-250 into law.

       History was made in Wisconsin on 1 December 2009 as, with his signature, Governor Doyle turned AB-250, the Dog Breeders Licensure Bill, into the ground-breaking S.173.41, Wis. Stats., Dog Breeders and Sellers Law

 pawprint bullet point   2009 WISCONSIN ACT 90 (pdf)   pawprint bullet point

       THANK YOU, WISCONSIN, for doing undercover investigations, authoring articles, sending photographs, circulating and signing petitions, protesting in rain and snow and hot sun, raising funds and donating services, helping get the word out about puppymills and lending moral support when we suffered setbacks. Thank you for your thousands of emails, letters, and phone calls to your legislators, letting them know that puppymills are NOT OK with YOU!

       And to our legislators -- THANK YOU for listening, for hammering out a workable bill that addressed the concerns of all factions, and for your unswerving support to make this bill a law.

       For a little while, "philosophical differences" were put aside as ALL animal lovers in Wisconsin worked together to make this 12-year-long dream for dogs a reality!

       This section of our website details the history of AB-250/SB-208, from concept to Gov. Doyle's signing. Please use the links on the left to learn, in detail, "how we did it."

       NOTE: Act 90/ S.173.41 outlines the facts of the law, but it is the Administrative Rules that make the law enforceable. The Administrative Rules defines the details of Standards of Care, how licensing will work, etc. Please see our Administrative Rules section for that process, including texts and summaries of the final rules.

In memory of PeaBuddy, whose short life inspired the founding of the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
                — Margaret Mead

"The only way to defeat a strong united front is to become one yourself!"
                Barbara J. Davis


What Is A Puppy Mill?
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