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Coverage of Wisconsin Puppy Mills

Updated 8 March 2009
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Max the Boxer tested positive for brucellosis.
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Isthmus, Madison, WI:

The Friday, 6 March 2009, issue of Isthmus contains an outstanding article by Linda Falkenstein, RESCUE ME: Lack of regulation has made Wisconsin a magnet for unscrupulous dog breeders looking to turn a quick profit . This article discusses puppy mills -- the ones that are obvious, and the ones you don't even realize exist -- as well as the Thorp Dog Auction. It also profiles some puppy mill survivors and many people who are trying to make a difference for dogs in Wisconsin.

If you are unable to find a copy of this issue, you can read the article online here.

After reading the article, please also feel free to thank Ms. Falkenstein and Isthmus. There is a link to email LInda Falkenstein in the online article, and contact information can be also found on the Contact Us link of the Isthmus website.

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Milwaukee Magazine:

In the January 2009 issue of Milwaukee Magazine, Senior Editor Mary Van de Kamp Nohl has written an expose titled PUPPY HELL. This expose digs deep into Wisconsin's puppy mill industry and why we MUST act to help the animals!

If you are unable to find a copy of this issue, you can read the article online here.

After reading the article, please also feel free to thank Ms. Nohl and Milwaukee Magazine for helping to educate the people of Wisconsin about puppy mills right here in our state. Contact information can be found on Milwaukee Magazine's Website (or click here.)

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MyFox-9, Minneapolis - St. Paul:

Fox-9 in Minneapolis - St. Paul sent a news team to the lSeptember 2008 Thorp Dog Auction. Their report aired on 20 November 2008:

Rescued or Recycled? (20 November 2008)

Today's TMJ-4, Milwaukee

WTMJ-4, an NBC affiliate in Milwaukee, has been helping us try to expose the conditions at these direct seller "puppy farms" for many years. These conditions were first reported by Milwaukee's WTMJ-4 news anchor Mike Jacobs in a November 23, 1999 broadcast titled, "Inside a Puppy Farm", the transcript and video of which they have graciously allowed us to use on our website since its inception.

WIth their April 2007 multi-part exposé on Wisconsin puppy mills, they and their viewers brought our cause to the attention of our legislators once again!

"I-Team: Puppy Mills" Part One (4/26/07)
Transcript   *   Video
"I-Team: Puppy Mills" Part Two, (4/27/07)
Transcript   *   Video
(Read more about the puppy purchased in this report: "Going undercover at a puppy mill")
"Putting An End to Puppy MIlls" (4/30/07)
Feature   *   Video
"Town Hall Mtg on Puppy Mills" (5/15/07)
Feature   *   Video
"Bentley, the Puppy Mill Puppy" (6/13/07)
Feature   *    Video
John Mercure's radio interview with Charlie Sykes (4/27/07)
Audio file
And please check John Mercure's blog for updates on the story:
Rupert, the Puppymill Survivor (5/1/07)
Viewer Feedback (4/30/07):
China, Another Puppy Mill Survivor (5/8/07):

TMJ-4 Puppy Mill Story Search

PLEASE email and THANK them for their continuing dedication to the cause of regulation of the commercial pet industry in Wisconsin!

PLEASE also send the above TMJ 4 links and/or any others on this page to your State legislators. Please ask them to view the videos. Ask them WHEN Wisconsin Law Makers will take action to prevent this abuse and neglect of puppy mill dogs. You can find their contact information at: Click on Who Represents Me in the middle of the page.

WGBA-TV, Green Bay

WGBA-TV, an NBC affiliate in Green Bay, has also been a huge supporter in the battle against puppy mills. Please click the links below to view stories, or see NBC-26 puppy mill story search for a full list of stories and exposes available through their website.

WGBA Exposé, Part 1 (5/9/07)
WGBA Exposé, Part 2 (5/10/07)
Lawmakers Take Aim At Puppy Mills (5/11/07)
The Long Road to Recovery (5/17/07)(Many of the dogs featured in this piece were purchased at the 10 May 2007 Thorp dog auction and were rescued by Fox Valley Humane Association in Appleton.)
NBC26 Busts a Local Puppy Mill (5/23/07) (Teresa Brendemeuhl of Two Rivers, who sells puppies "direct to buyer," is exposed.)
NBC26 Busts another Local Puppy Mill (11/06/07) (Shawano Co. Puppy Mill)

NBC-26 puppy mill story search

Please email Channel 26 at comments@nbc26.comto thank them for covering these stories and helping us to educate both the public and our state legislators about the long -term effects mill living has on pets.

WEAU-TV, Eau Clair

WEAU-TV, an NBC affiliate in Eau Clair, sent a reporter to the Round Table Discussion on 5 June:

Animal Advocates Speak Out Against Dog Auctions

WMTV in Madison

NBC Affiliate WMTV in Madison was on hand for the meeting at the Washington County HS:

Effort Underway to Stop Puppy Mills:
Feature   *   Video

Please contact WMTV through their Viewer's View form, thank them for following this story, and ask them to continue helping "get the word out" to our WI state representatives that we do NOT want our state to continue being a haven for puppy millers!

WSAW-TV in Wausau

WSAW-TV, Channel 7, the CBS affiliate in Wausau, WI, went undercover at the Thorp Dog Auction at Horst Stables on 22 September 2007.

Puppy Mill Protest, Part One (9/22/07)
Transcript & Video
Puppy Mill Protest, Part Two (9/23/07)
Transcript & Video
Puppy Mill Protest, Part Three (9/24/07)
Transcript & Video

WITI-TV in Milwaukee

WITI-TV, also known as FOX-6, in Milwaukee was on hand with coverage of the 14 May 07 Round Table discussion at the Washington County Humane Society. Previously, on 5 February 2004, FOX-6 aired a report called "Puppies Left Out in the Cold," detailing the plight of dogs at a "direct seller" puppy mill.

State Lawmakers Look To Clamp Down On 'Puppy Mills', 15 May 07 ( 14 May 07 Round Table Discussion at Washington CountyHumane Society)

Push for Laws to Prevent Puppy Mills in Wisconsin (2 September 2007, interview at Sheboygan County Fair)

WPR: Wisconsin Public Radio

The Executive Director of Wisconsin Puppy Project and Steve Wieckert, Republican state representative from Appleton, were interviewed by WPR's Joy Cardin on 22 June 2007:

Call for regulation of so-called "puppy mills (6/22/07) (Click on 22 June)

Because opponants of pet facilities legislation requested "equal time," Joy Cardin's guest on 4 July 2007 was Tracey Johnston, vice president, Dog Federation of Wisconsin (DFOW).

Regulation not needed (7/4/07)(Click on 4 July)

We invite you to listen to both sides of the issue and Email Us with your comments and questions.

Note: You will need "Real Player" to hear these audio files. If you don't have it, you will be asked if you would like to download it for free when you click on the "LISTEN" links.


Chip the "Goldendoodle" was severely emaciated had obviously had been eating hay.Reddy the red min pin doesn't know how to react to kindness,Whitey the westie with infected cysts between his toes.

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