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Pretty Penny Kennels in Plymouth, WI

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A skinny little beagle puppy at the WI puppy mill described in this article.

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     FINAL UPDATE: Mr. Schulz is out of the "dog business" forever. He died on June 28, 2022.

     15 May 2014 UPDATE: In 2011, Pretty Penny Kennels applied for and was granted a "temporary license" under WI Act 90. However, Mr. Schulz declined to upgrade his facilities to comply with the new regulations, so was denied a permanent license.

     Under the law, Mr. Schulz may still sell fewer than 25 dogs a year, from three litters. If you have reason to suspect that he is selling more dogs, or are concerned about the conditions in which his remaining dogs are being kept, please see our Filing a Complaint page for details on how to contact DATCP with your concerns!


To: Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project
From: Tara
Date: August 04, 2006
Re: Pretty Penny Kennels

To whom it may concern:

        The reason I am writing is a result from my recent visit to the Pretty Penny Kennels in Plymouth, WI. My husband and I are in the process of getting a weimaraner and unfortunately the mother lost all of her puppies. We were supposed to get the puppy within the next couple of weeks, which has now been postponed until February. Since we were so excited about getting the puppy in August, we thought we would check the paper to see what else is out there. We stumbled across an ad that said they had weimaraner puppies for sale and ready to go. We decided to make the hour trip to check out the puppies and maybe end up with a puppy in August after all.

This mama Westie has orange fur from the rust on the wire mesh of her cage.       Well, I'm sure I do not need to inform you of the conditions of this puppy mill. It was one of those things that you instantly knew that something was not right. Since I don't know anything about breeding dogs, I wasn't sure what to think at first. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not, but I had this awful feeling the whole time. I read the article written by Elizabeth Meadows and she made a statement about the sad look in all the dogs' eyes. That is something that I was constantly thinking about is how sad the mom weim looked. It almost made me cry. I also agree that at the time I wasn't able to process it all and now thinking back to it all I cannot believe how terrible that place is.

       There are so many things that I would like to discuss about this place but I will just get to my biggest concern. I noticed that the interview that was done on this place was back in 1999! That is just sick!! If I didn't know that the interview took place in 1999 I would have thought it was a recent interview because the place is exactly the same. These people have no morals and this place needs to be shut down.

        I read that because the dogs were 'in good health' they were not violating any laws. Well, these weims were not in good health. 3 of the puppies had quarter sized open wounds on their bellys that they were not really able to explain to me.

Apparently, nothing here has changed since this sad pup was photographed back in 1999.        I know this letter is kind of choppy and I apologize. I just had all of these thoughts going through my head and decided to do some research and stumbled upon all of this info on them. I would like to know what I can to do help. I know there is info on what to do to help, but clearly, that is not working. These sick people have been in business for 40 years! Please reply back to me on what I can do to help shut these people down.

Thank you for your time,



"They're using me as an example, and if they're using me as an example, things are in pretty good shape."   — Gerald Schulz, aka G Schulz, Pretty Penny Kennels.

From a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 19, 2003 article by Richard P. Jones (Read Entire Article)

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