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Pet Store parakeets in a crowded, filthy cage.


       At first glance, this seems to be a nice photo of some parakeets in a cage, but look closer. Note the scarcity of perches, and the fact that there is at least one other level of birds sitting above the ones you can easily see. There are no swings, mirrors, or cuttlebones for exercising legs or beaks. Now, look down at the filth in the bottom of the cage and the brackish water that obviously hasn't been changed in days.

       Aside from being very unpleasant to look at and obviously to live in, overcrowded cages stress the occupants. Birds get less food, and must fight for a perch. The cage becomes dirtier faster.

       In all the droppings, dirty food, and splashed water, bacteria multiplies rapidly. Birds can become ill very quickly and still go home with unsuspecting consumers. Generally, by the time the new pet guardians realize there is a problem, it is too late for the bird.

       Not only does the family have the heartbreak of losing a new pet, but they may also become ill from handling it.

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