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Sugar's Bakers:

How Two Elementary School Students Made a Difference for a Puppy Mill Survivor

Sugar was a 'used-up' breeder dog from a local puppy mill.

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Danyell and Alyssa present a check for $400 to the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.

Eilene Ribbens of the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project accepts a check for over $400 from Alyssa (blue) and Danyell (orange) from their bake sale to help puppy mill dogs.

       Danyell and Alyssa love animals. In fact, Danyell says, "If we could, we would both have a huge house to help all animals." Though they are both too young to have their own houses (Danyell is 11 and Alyssa is 10), they didn't let their age stop them from making a difference for one Wisconsin dog.

       The two girls had heard about the efforts to help puppy mill dogs, and realized that one of the greatest needs was money to pay the enormous vet bills for the care puppy mill survivors needed. But what kind of a fund-raiser could two elementary students organize?

       With the assistance of their moms, they came up with the idea of a bake sale. Then, moms Denise and Melissa helped turn the sale into an Event, to be held at Melissa's business, Styl'n Companions Pet Spa.

       Alyssa and Danyell tell us, "We received baked items from family and friends, and all of us spent the whole night baking. We sold things such as cheesecake, cookies, cupcakes, pies, carmel apples, ricekrispie treats, coffee and dog treats. We also had a professional pet photographer there as well. We were there from 8am to 8pm. We had a great time and would do it again for our furry friends!!!!!!"

       All in all, the girls raised over $400, which they presented to Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.

       Meanwhile, a seven year old female yellow Lab came into Sheboygan County Humane Soicety. She had been a breeder dog at Pretty Penny Kennel, a Wisconsin puppy mill, all her life. For some reason she stopped producing puppies, and was lucky enough to be surrendered to the shelter.

       Despite all the horror she'd been through, she was a gentle and sweet dog. The shelter named her Sugar.

       Like most puppy mill dogs, Sugar needed medical care, including spaying and the extraction of some rotted teeth which must have been causing her intense pain. The timing was perfect -- ALL of Sugar's vet care was paid for by the donation from Danyell and Alyssa's bake sale!

       Sugar was fostered by a wonderful "puppy mill dog" experienced trainer at the Fox Valley Humane Association, and has since been adopted into a fantastic home. She has learned to stay close to her family off-leash and happily roams forty acres with her Labrador brother and a friendly cat. Lilly has written more about herself at: Yellow Lab # 1150: A Place Called Home .

        The girls are already planning their next project to help animals!

Alyssa, one of Sugar's Bakers Sugar the former puppy mill dog whose vet bills were paid by a bake sale!

Sugar and her Bakers
Photos courtesy of Frank Schemberger

Danyell, one of Sugar's Bakers

Sugar, whose name has been changed to Lilly, loves to run through the open fields of her new home.

Sugar, now named Lilly, runs joyfully through the fields of her new home!
Photo courtesy of Lilly's new mom


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