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Finding Your New Best Friend

Rascal the Boston Terrier was rescued from the dumpster at a puppy mill auction.
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Finding Your New Best Friend
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Kali, a purebred chocolate lab, was surrendered at age 7 months to a shelter because her owners did not want to be bothered training her.

Kali, a purebred chocolate lab puppy, was surrendered to a shelter at the age of 7 months. Her former owners purchased her on a whim, not realizing that puppies require lots of time and exercise -- and do not train themselves.

       A pet is a lifetime commitment and there is a lot to consider BEFORE you buy or adopt. Your pet will need, and is entitled to, your care, time, patience, love, and financial commitment. DON'T BE IMPULSIVE!

       Our friends Kelly and Bentley, a former puppy mill dog, have written a very good article on things to consider Before You Buy or Adopt. They pose questions from "How big will the pet be" to "Do you understand all of the costs involved in keeping this pet?" Our Guide to Finding Your Perfect Pet offers more resources and suggestions for "doing your homework" before bringing that pet home.Though these and the other articles in this section are geared toward canines, there are also many considerations that apply to cats, birds, lizards, or any other type of pet.

       Please check shelters and rescues for your new best friend first. Many wonderful animals are being surrendered every day. However, we know that the age, breed, or type of pet you are looking for cannot always be found at a shelter. Our articles on Identifying a Quality Breeder, Red Flags: Disreputable Breeders, and What Does Breed Registration Really Mean? will help guide you in purchasing a healthy, happy, well-adjusted pet. You might also be interested in reading what responsible breeders have to say about puppy mills in our Breeders With Pride: Responsible Breeders Speak Out section.

       As part of their role in enforcing Wisconsin's new Dog Breeders and Sellers Law, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection also offers some very good resources, such as Information for Consumers, DATCP: Shopping for a Puppy, and Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying a Dog or Puppy (pdf) (as well as the WI Licensed Dog Sellers Listing).

       Finally, if you find yourself in a situation where you must rehome your pet, PLEASE read our article on why you should NEVER give an anaimal away Free To Good Home?.

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What Is A Puppy Mill?
What Can I Do?
Laws/ Legislation
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